“Nurse Play” is Strange, Surreal, and Satisfying

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By Evan McKenna


“Nurse Play” – Created and Written by James Wilkinson; Directed by Joe Juknievich; Stage Management by Tori Skoniecki; Movement Director Kayleigh Kane. Presented by Exiled Theatre at Boston Playwright’s Theatre, 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston through December 17


“Black Pawn to E four,” says Nurse, engaging in a verbal game of chess with her bed-bound, disabled patient, Joe. “White pawn to E five” Joe defiantly replies. Nurse sits alone at the only table in the small, poorly lit room, sunglasses over her hollowed-out eyes and a stack of Blondie records next to her record player, waiting to make her next move.

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“Lost Tempo” Hits All the Right Notes


Review by James Wilkinson


‘Lost Tempo’ – Written by Cliff Odle; Directed by Diego Arciniegas; Scenic Design by Jeffrey Petersen; Costume Design by Rachel Padula-Shufelt; Lighting Design by Evey Connerty-Marin; Sound Design by J Jumbelic. Presented by Boston Playwrights’ Theatre at 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston through October 22.


I’m a sucker for a truly immersive theater set. There’s something about the way it envelops you, inviting you in. You’re allowed to let everything outside of the theater fade away. Forget about where you parked the car, what you had for dinner, the work at home you’ve been putting off. The curtain hasn’t even risen and already you’ve been dropped into the world of the play. Read more ““Lost Tempo” Hits All the Right Notes”