“SOCIAL SECURITY” (Little Theatre of Fall River)


Reviewed by Tony Annicone


Little Theatre of Fall River’s Fire Barn show is the hilarious comedy “Social Security” by Andrew Bergman. The domestic tranquility of David and Barbara Kahn, a couple of married art dealers is shattered by Barbara’s house wife sister, Trudy and her uptight CPA husband, Martin. They arrive on the scene to leave their cantankerous mother, Sophie with them so they can save their daughter from living a sexually deviant life style. The comic sparks really fly when the mother hits it off with an elderly French artist friend of the couple. Director Betty Texieira casts these roles splendidly and elicits strong performances from her six member cast.

Betty blocks the show beautifully and elicits topnotch performances from her six cast members. Mark Lima commands the stage as David. He delivers his punch lines splendidly. Mark also has marvelous facial expressions and terrific interactions with his cast mates. Kristina Dahlene plays the long suffering wife who must now deal with her difficult mother living with them.  Her slow burns and agitation scenes with the mother are wonderful to behold. Mark and Kristina’s funniest moment occurs with the dance behind the sofa, which leads to a sexual encounter at 1:30 in the afternoon. There is much laughter at the antics in this scene. Her interactions with her sister and mother are priceless. Excellent work from these two strong leads.

The obnoxious overbearing couple of Martin and Trudy is well played by Ken Raposa and Susan Wing Markson.  Susan has many comic moments along the way especially in the argument scene with Martin and her crying she is the only one not having sex. Susan’s facial expressions are topnotch, too. Ken plays the hen pecked husband to the tee. Martin gives into every one of her whims but later on turns the tables on her in the second act. His funniest line is the menagerie line when he actually means menage a trois. His spritzing and head lines are also hilarious.

Dee Kullander is the biggest scene stealer in the show as the cranky, Sophie. However she transforms due to meeting the man of her dreams. Dee first enters with a walker and scares the crap out of  David and Barbara. Her one liners and constant complaining are comic moments to enjoy and savor. Also Dee’s underwear scene is hilarious and Sophie finally spills the beans about what happened to her errant granddaughter. Ron Caisse plays elderly art dealer, Maurice Koenig. He gets many laughs when he gets thrown into a closet. Ron charms not only Sophie but the whole audience in this debonair role. His French accent is splendid. So for a laugh fest, be sure to catch “Social Security” at Little Theatre of Fall River. I have many pleasant memories of directing this show in the past.

SOCIAL SECURITY (20 to 30 July)

Little Theatre of Fall River, Fire Barn, 340 Prospect St, Fall River, MA

1(508)675-1852 or www.littletheatre.net



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